Tesla Model Y Price History and Incentives

Tesla Model Y Price History

Tesla Model Y Price History and Incentives

Tesla's price has gone up and down in the past years. Here is the price history for Tesla Model Y.

Year Starting Price Trim
2020 $48,000 Long Range
2021 $41,990 Standard Range
2022 $65,990 Long Range
2023 $43,990 Base
2024 $43,990 Base

EV Incentives and Savings

Tesla Model Y Price History and Incentives

There are several federal tax credit and incentives that you can receive. Make sure to apply as many as you can. Read below to find more ways to save.

 1. Federal Tax Credit

  Receive federal tax credit up to $7,500 when filing income taxes or at the point of sale.
  In order to receive the maximum credit, you must pay $7,500 or more income taxes in the year that the vehicle was delivered to you. You can find the total tax you paid last year on 1040 IRS form Line 24 and use it as a reference.
  If you don't owe enough tax when filing your income tax, you can get tax refund. For example, if you have already paid $7,500 in your income taxes and don't have any balance when filing your taxes, you will get $7,500 refund after you file your tax return.
  Make sure to check your qualifications.

 2. State, Local and Utility Incentives

  Receive state, local and utility incentives. This depends on where you live. You can check which incentives are available in your area.
  Rebates can be claimed at or after you purchase your vehicle.

If you live in California,
  Use this tool to search for all the state, local and utility incentives available in your area.
  You can apply for Clean Air Vehicle (CAV) decals so you can use the carpool lane without having another passenger in the car until September 30, 2025.

 3. Tesla Referral Program

  Receive benefits such as $250 off and 3 months full self-driving by using this referral link.
  The details of the current benefits can be found in the referral link.

 4. Discounted New Inventory Vehicles

  Often Tesla offers discounted new inventory vehicles.
  Make sure to compare with discounted new inventory prices before ordering.

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Other Saving Tips